Manage Your Subscriptions

When you join a community, you can easily set your subscription options by visiting your Settings page (the link next to your profile photo at the top right).  If you select My Account>Email Preferences, you'll see a list of settings that you can select per your preferences, including how you will receive messages and alerts from communities.  (If you make changes to your settings, don't forget to click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page before you leave.)

Under Community Emails/Discussion Group Emails, select the Configure Your Subscriptions button, and you'll be taken to the My Community Notifications page, where you'll see a list of the communities you are subscribed to, and actions you can take.

Email Type.

Under Notification Settings, You can select an email type for each individual community. Your options are:

  • Real time. Each time there's a post to a community, you receive a message including the text of what was posted. If you selected HTML as your mail format, each email will be HTML, if you selected text, each email will be text.
  • Daily Digest. Once a day, you receive a digest of all posts to a community. If you selected HTML as your mail format, the digest will be an HTML digest, if you selected text, the digest will be in text format.
  • No Email. You can choose to receive no email notifications when messages are posted to a community.  You can still visit, log in and visit a community to view conversations.
  • Consolidated Daily Digest.  You can choose to receive some or all of your community emails in one consolidated digest.  You can also choose to automatically set community discussion emails to "No Email" when a community is added to the consolidated digest.


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