Responding to an Existing Conversation

Reply via Email. Click on "Reply to Discussion" in the daily digest or real time email and a window will open in your email client. Put your answer directly into your email, attach sample documents and hit send. Leave the subject line as is, so that the community platform knows that you are responding to a thread. Any attachments included in your email will automatically be added to the community library.

If you receive a real-time digest, you can reply directly through your email client by hitting reply as you would with an email to a colleague.

Reply via the Web Interface.  

Select "Reply to Discussion" next to the post you want to respond to. It will automatically include your name in the "From" field, the community name in the "To" field and the subject of the original post in the subject field.  Enter your response in the editor, bolding and adding links as necessary.  This response will go to the whole community.

You can also include an attachment using the "Insert File" icon (the folder and magnifier) to the left of the edit menu. When you select "Insert File," a screen will pop up, with the option to upload multiple files. Select the "Upload" button to see a drag-and-drop box, into which you can drag your the files you want to attach to your post. The system accepts most standard file types. Once you've chosen your files, select the "Upload" button. 


Once you've uploaded your files, close the drag-and-drop box, then select the "Insert" button.  The attachments will be added to your post.

To send the post to the community, hit send at the bottom of the screen. The post will be visible through the community platform and will also be emailed to members who have opted to receive emails from CASE communities, in either real-time or digest format.

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