Change Your Signature

Change Your Signature

If you want to change the way your signature looks at the end of a post, go to your Profile page, then select My Account>Discussion Signature in the top navigation menu. 

The signature window displays several pieces of information stored by the CASE Communities platform.  You can choose to move, add or remove the variables using the links to the right of the window.  For instance, you can click the [EmailAddress] variable, and it will appear below the last line of your signature window.  

Do not copy and paste the variables. To change the order of the variables, select them in the order you'd like them to display. Once they are ordered the way you want, you can organize them on different lines. You can also include free form text (for example, if you want to include a quote in your signature).  The system does not allow HTML so you can't include images or hyperlinks to websites (though you can include a text URL).

Select the "Save" button when you are done, and future posts will reflect the variables you selected.  (Previous posts will display the signature that was in place when they were written, they will not update.) If you want to go back to the standard template, or start over with your signature settings, select the "Use Default Template" button to reset the settings.


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